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Get the most out of your Sentry. Fast.

Installation Support

Sentry installs are simple. We're so confident in that fact that we'll give you all the installation support you need for your first Sentry free of charge.

For larger or more complex setups, Protectus offers the full gamut of support and professional services to help you get useful data quickly.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Network Architecture Review
  • Sentry Placement Consulting
  • Real-time Installation Feedback
  • Initial Walk-through of your Data


Although we created the Sentry to be extremely intuitive, there are a few cases where you might desire additional training:

  • If you're looking for security issues.
  • If you're using the Sentry to provide services to someone else.

Our Sentry training covers basic operation/administration, our Deep Dive Methodology, and usage scenarios specific to your requirements.


Want a professional set of eyes helping you keep tabs on your network? Allow us to patrol your network or let us show you how. We offer ongoing KnightWatch security monitoring, periodic verification & testing, and personalized handling of any one-off security or networking questions you may have. Check out our analysis services.