How can we help?

Promptly detect. Proactively respond. Be cyber confident.


Want a professional set of eyes helping you keep tabs on your cyber security? Allow us to patrol your network. We offer ongoing KnightHawk security monitoring and personalized handling of any one-off security or networking questions you may have. Check out our monitoring services.


Are your existing defenses providing sufficient protection against cyber threats? Our KnightHawk security testing reveals weaknesses & holes in your infrastructure and provides useful answers on how to strengthen defenses.

Security testing provides a 'snapshot-in-time' view of the organization's security posture. Gain maximum confidence by combining periodic security testing with ongoing security monitoring.


Even when precious resources are wisely used to get the most cyber security bang for your buck, a problem could still occur. Our KnightHawk incident response will identify, contain, and eradicate the problem when the "bits hit the fan".

Think of us more like a family doctor and less like an emergency room. We have a relationship with you, know your organization, and have the historical data showing what's normal and what's not. Good cyber health is the mutual objective but when a problem occurs we have the experience to help you recover quickly.

A cyber security incident is not the worst thing that can happen to your organization. But a poorly planned and executed incident response could be.