Allow Superior Expertise to Patrol Your Network.

Whatever your needs, we match you with your own analyst. No call centers, we promise.

Periodic Verification & Testing

The Sentry is all about network visibility. But even with the Sentry, it's nice to have someone at your side every now and then to help verify, test, and patrol your network.

Our Cyber-Security Testing reveals weaknesses & holes in your infrastructure and provides useful answers on how to strengthen defenses.

A periodic review with your dedicated Protectus analyst will help make sure you're getting the absolute most out of your Sentry's data, provide specific technical insight into your network, and guide you to new heights of network visibility.

KnightWatch Security Monitoring

If you're a typical business, your IT department has their hands full and has a difficult time keeping security a high priority. KnightWatch Security Monitoring through our Deep Dive Methodology is the foundation that the Sentry was originally founded on over a decade ago. Supplement your IT Security and allow a Protectus analyst to patrol your network today.

Experience has shown that many KnightWatch customers gain significant insight not only into their security, but also into the behavior and performance of their network and network applications.

Advanced Network Troubleshooting

For years, when our partners have had truly difficult networking problems, they've turned to us for help. Our team's experience and deep understanding of TCP/IP networks allows us to track down problems that others won't touch.

While our main focus is on developing the Sentry, we accept a limited number of troubleshooting engagements to keep our head in the game. If you've got something no-one can seem to figure out, we'd be happy to take a shot at it.

Available for Questions

Every account has a specific analyst assigned to it. If you ever have any kind of one-off security or networking question, we'll be there to help.