About Us

Since being founded in 2002 by Pete Garvin, Protectus has solved customer problems in network security, performance, and troubleshooting through expert consulting and the development of network analysis platforms. Protectus, LCC is a privately-held firm located in Akron, Ohio.

Our Approach

Our Approach is built on a foundation of powerful technical expertise enhanced by integrity, service, and ongoing Research & Development. We combine the art and science of engineering with a thorough understanding of networks and the technology behind them.

We never use fear, uncertainty, or doubt as the basis for decision making in these vital areas. Technical knowledge, real-world experience, and the depth of insight that flows from them enable us to provide real solutions to real challenges. Our services embody the Protectus Approach and provide optimum results for our clients.

Code of Ethics

The Protectus Code of Ethics reflects our dedication to high moral and business standards. This Code was developed with a spirit of honor and a focus on win-win-win outcomes for our clients, their customers, and Protectus.

  • Act with honor. Be just, responsible, and trustworthy.
  • Perform activities and duties in accordance with all applicable laws and the highest moral principles.
  • Promote generally accepted best practices and standards.
  • Maintain the highest levels of confidentiality concerning proprietary or sensitive information encountered.
  • Refrain from activities which might constitute a conflict of interest.
  • Never intentionally injure or impugn the reputation of clients or individuals.
  • Respect the dignity of the individual person and therefore never tolerate discrimination, harassment, or inequality.

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