Allow Us to Patrol Your Network.

Proactively detect and respond to stealthy cyber activity.

KnightHawk Security Monitoring

Does your team have their hands full and struggle to keep security a high priority? KnightHawk Security Monitoring using our Deep Dive Methodology detects stealthy activity that occurs before a cyber breach. Detect and stop cyber attacks in their early stages by allowing a Protectus analyst to patrol your network. Gain Cyber Confidence today!

Experience has shown that many KnightHawk customers gain significant insight not only into their security, but also into the behavior & performance of their network and applications.

Internal Security Monitoring

You know what should be on your network better than anyone. Since the Sentry is designed to be extremely intuitive, you might consider using it to:

  • Perform security monitoring on your own network.
  • Provide services to someone else.

In these cases, we provide additional training which covers basic operation/administration, our Deep Dive Methodology, and usage scenarios specific to your requirements.

Training ensures you're getting the absolute most out of your Sentry, provides specific technical insight into your network, and guides you to new heights of network visibility.

Available for Questions

Every account has a specific analyst assigned to it. If you ever have any kind of one-off security or networking question, we'll be there to help.