Give the data they're missing.

Built with you in mind.

We've been doing network consulting since 2002. The tool was originally imagined for consultants like us, and now we want to pass the innovation on to you.

Improve client understanding.

It's so much easier to explain network issues when you have a picture. Or better yet, an interactive, navigable visualization.

Provide real security analysis.

The nice thing about security cameras is that you can rewind them to see what's been going on while you're away. This is perfect for consultants. Review traffic, performance, and IDS data within a single tool, or even a single view.

Need a quick win? Call in the cavalry.

Your Protectus analyst is always available to lend a hand if you need it. Whether it's a quick question about the tool or a technical networking issue, we're happy to help you provide the best results for your client.

Intrigued yet?

Check out how the Sentry enables organizations gain Cyber Confidence.