Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Typically, a network tap or switch mirror/span port provides a copy of the traffic in question to the Sentry via Ethernet for processing. Users connect to a web app on the Sentry using a modern web browser.

Is this a "Big Data" product?

If you're a fan of buzzwords, then yes: we use a lot of Big Data concepts and technologies. To throw another buzzword your way, what we really enable (and one of the big uses of Big Data) is post-hoc analysis, which means the Sentry gathers information you don't know you need yet.

What kind of platform does the Sentry run on?

The Sentry is deployed on a specifically chosen rackmount server, mini-PC, or virtual host, along with whatever tapping hardware is required for the site. The platform size and capacity depends on the network and intended use.

Do I need special training to use the Sentry?

We think the Sentry is as easy to use as popular web apps. In a few minutes, you'll be exploring your network data easily. That being said, we do offer training for those who want to make sure they're not leaving anything on the table, and for those who want to make sure their Deep Dives aren't missing anything.

How much does this thing cost?

It seems trite to say, but it really depends. We strive to make the Sentry a reasonable line item on your IT budget. Our client base includes organizations with an IT staff of one, and grows from there. Get in touch, we'll figure it out.

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