Patrol Your Network

Detect and respond confidently.

A security camera for your network.

Who's trying to break in, and who's successful? What about last week? If a breach occurs, can your incident response team rewind the tape and see what happened?

Easy anomaly detection.

The Sentry creates intuitive, interactive visualizations of what is happening on your network. Using these visualizations, the human brain can do what it does best: see patterns and anomalies. Do you see the sudden increase in foreign traffic?

Get below the automated threshold.

Our Deep Dive Methodology lets you periodically "rewind the tape" and analyze your network traffic without hiring a security guard to watch it all day every day. Look for tell-tale stealthy cyber threats and intrusion attempts that automated tools have difficulty identifying.

Gain Cyber Confidence by lowering your cyber detection threshold.

See the forest and the trees.

In the Sentry, you can view network activity in aggregate, or drill down and look at individual connections. Same goes for IDS alerts.

The ability to pivot around and navigate through your traffic data without limitations is the secret sauce that will make the Sentry indispensable to your team. Slice and dice data, detect and track trends over time, and annotate data without breaking your train of thought. Welcome to a new option for network forensics.

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