Our Value Proposition

Insight trumps guesswork.

IT is full of "probably". "The site probably isn't under attack." "That malware outbreak is probably cleaned up." "The CEO's workstation probably isn't connecting to a botnet." "We probably have enough bandwidth for that." With the Sentry's continuous monitoring capabilities, you have the information to stop guessing and know.

Develop your existing team...

The goal of the Sentry is to present network data to your team that no other tool can. This means that your team not only gains information about specific problems or security issues, but about the network as a whole.

...or augment it.

Many of our clients opt to have our analysts help their team learn to use the Sentry data effectively, or to have us make sure their security issues are all being caught. If that sounds useful to you, check out our analysis services.

Enable intelligence.

The human brain is the greatest "machine learning" tool on the planet. Give your IT staff the tools to visually identify problems, instead of spending untold days trying to compile and understand your network's data.

Intrigued yet?

Check out how the Sentry is already helping organizations take back control of their networks.